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Employee Share Schemes

Increase productivity and maximise employee retention

An innovative way to gain productivity and retention benefits is to invite employees to invest in your business through a share plan.

With Employee Share Schemes you can;

Structure your business so everyone shares in its success

Retain as much or as little operational control as you want

Preserve your business by leaving it in trusted hands

Benefits Of Our Service

Attract, Retain and Motivate Key Employees

Employee Share Schemes help develop an “Ownership Mindset” culture with engaged employees so that they are invested in the business’ success and start to think and act like business owners.


Employee Share Schemes create a win-win situation. Employees benefit by owning a stake in the business while the employer benefits from improved employee performance.


Employee Share Schemes are a transparent and easy to implement mechanism that provides clear rules and guidelines to help with employee incentives and business succession.

Umwelt implemented a broad-based ESOP in mid-2017.

NPG Mining implemented ownership mindset in 2012 and 2013